About Me

Hello, my name is Kelyn Miles of Selling Keys Real Estate.

Prior to becoming a realtor some years ago, I served for more than a decade on the financial side. I created mortgages for countless families.

During that process I often noticed how real estate representatives were letting their clients down. Sometimes it was from lack of effort, or focusing on too many clients at once, or simply not knowing the best ways to help their buyers.

As you can imagine, I became a Realtor with a mission. I want to be the real estate professional you can count on to give 110% effort.

Your dream for the perfect home is my one and only goal. I will tirelessly search, negotiate, and help bring home the ultimate deal on the property you want most.

Contrast that to experiences you may have had in the past. You may have dealt with a Realtor who was hard to contact, failed to give you regular updates, didn't find what you were looking for, or did not know how to negotiate the best possible price.

I make sure none of those unpleasant experiences repeat. We will work closely to find your perfect home. I want to hear all about your preferences, hopes, and dreams. This will help us zero in on the best possible homes for you. Those that take in all your considerations like location, neighborhoods, amenities, architecture, history, updates, lands, schools and anything else.

While you may have a considerable cash reserve you can access, I can also help you get a great mortgage loan. I spent 12 years in mortgage lending and have deep expertise in this area. We also have a top mortgage lending professional on our team. This means we can get better deals on a loan and move the application along faster with consistently excellent results.